What Is Epilepsy?

Epilepsy is the most common neurological condition defined as a tendency to have recurrent seizures (sometimes called "fits"). Seizures are caused by a sudden burst of excess electrical activity in the brain, causing a temporary disruption in the normal message passing between brain cells. This disruption results in the brain’s messages becoming halted or mixed up - as the brain is responsible for all the functions in your body, what you experience during a seizure will depend on where in your brain the epileptic activity begins and how widely and rapidly it spreads. For this reason, there are many different types of seizure and each person will experience epilepsy in a way that is unique to them.


Our support group is run by parent's and Carolyn Taylor paediatric Epilepsy Specialist Nurse at Tameside general Hospital.

It's an informal meeting once a month for parent/carers of children and young people who have epilepsy.

It's your opportunity to build relationships, share and gain knowledge from others who may or had similar experiences to you.

It can help to build your confidence and provide mutual support through contact with other parents.


Chloe's Story

In 2008 Chloe began having what we called "funny turns" which her GP and a consultant at the hospital were unable to explain. Read more...

Max's Story

On the 26 September 2004, when Max was 9 months old, our lives were turned upside down as this was the day he had his first seizure. Read more...


Hope | Hope for Paediatric Epilepsy

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If your enquiry is of an urgent medical nature we urge you to contact your GP/Specialist or the emergency services.

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